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You can't manage what you don't measure. 

- Peter Drucker

Many companies don't have any visibility into all of the critical areas of their operations. And those that do, the data is often fragmented and or inaccurate. We eliminate these challenges by giving you ultimate visibility that allows you to manage your operations with confidence. 

Work In Process Reporting  

  • Active Construction Status Report

    • By Project​

    • By Construction Manager

    • By Start Date

  • Sales & Loan Report

  • Pending Closing Status Report

  • Closing Forecasts by Month 

  • Variance Reporting 

  • Draw Reports

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Quality Performance 

  • Warranty Reporting 

Conditional Formatting  

Sometimes there's just too much information. Based on what you feel is important, we build in conditional formatting to make sure the right information stands out from the rest of the data. Being able to see exactly what you want to see in a matter of seconds is the ultimate goal. 

Online Dashboards

In a world of ever changing data, having an online live dashboard can be critical. Based on what metrics you want to see, we build online dashboards to get all of your critical information from any web enabled device. 

Automated Email Reporting 

No need to wait for someone to get into the office to generate and distribute a report. One of the many ways we utilize technology is through automation. We can build in automated emails for reports, notifications, approvals, etc. 

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