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Back-Office Support 

The term "back-office" can encompass a wide range of duties. From general clerical, to more advanced roles such as accounts payable and Human Resources. Our back office support is meant to offer all levels support in a way that feels like we are a part of your team, but only when you need us to be.  

Accounts Payable 

From processing invoices, reconciling vendor statements,  having a good accounts payable department can make the difference in the world. We can customize our services to meet your specific needs with regard to accounts payable. 

Construction Coordinator 

Providing field support is critical to the field managers being able to perform their job effectively. Processing change orders, updating construction schedules, or creating EPO's, good field support can have much more of an impact on the cycle time of construction than what you might think.   

General Office Administration

Depending on the size of the office, sometimes there are just administrative tasks that need to be done, and everyone is too busy to take them on. While they may not be critical, they still need to be done. We can be here as much or as little as you need. 

Warranty & Customer Service 

Its good business to take care of your customers, but often times Builders lack the time and or organization to be able to keep good records or track follow up processes to make sure all customers are taken care of. We can help in a number of areas in this department to manage the information you need to make good decisions with regard to warranty and customer service. 

Sales & Marketing Assistance 

Like many others, the Sales and Marketing department can be overwhelmed with data. capturing, reporting, interpreting, etc. Most sales departments struggle with getting good information in a digestible way where they can use it in planning and decision making. We can provide support with CRM's, reporting, etc. to free up your Sales and Marketing Department so they can do what they do best, sell homes.  

Closing Coordinator 

There are so many steps and people involved with closing a home, its critical to have someone who can manage this process and communication to make sure everyone is in the loop and closings don't get missed for the lack of communication. We can be the central hub for communication to make sure your closing process goes smoothly.  

Not all companies can afford an HR department, or even need one full time. In these instances, another member of the team will generally get stuck handling it. We can provide these administrative HR functions for you so the rest of your team can concentrate on what you hired them to do. 

Human Resources

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