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Whether you are turn key or labor only, estimating is a critical part of cost control. Making sure you are not only estimating correctly, but providing documentation of what and how you are estimating is key. Without good communication of many critical details, the value of a good estimate is often wasted.


We not only provide you with the data, but we also supply the data behind the data. This allows us to adjust the methodologies specifically to how you build for the most accurate estimate every time.  

Cut Sheets 

Providing cut sheets for the trades in the field is a critical part of estimating. We break down each component in the house and show what material we used in our estimations. This allows the field teams to know exactly how to use the material that's shipped to the job. 

Color Coded Layouts  

Color coded layouts communicate to the field teams exactly what we were thinking when doing the estimate. If you are wondering, did they account for this door knob? Just look at the layouts and you can see what what counted. This is one of the many ways we leverage technology to improve accuracy and communications

Import Friendly Formats

All of our estimates are done in a custom format to fit your needs. Matching with part or  item numbers, or just simply formatted in a way that allows the information to be imported directly into your ERM or purchasing software

Detailed and Adjustable Metrics  

What area calculation are you using for that cost code? What waste factor did you use? We have broken down every step of the estimating process and we memorialize every metric. This allows us to adjust the metrics to the way you build to achieve the most accurate estimate possible every time. 

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