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Purchasing/Budget functions are often incomplete and fragmented resulting in long build times, cost variances, and even poor employee and trade moral. Being one of the most critical functions in making sure your operations run smoothly, it is really important to get this one right. Our process is fast, accurate and costs far less than traditional overhead models.

Budget Creation 

Purchasing Support


Construction Documents

Budget creation starts with the accumulation or creation of the construction documents. Architectural plans, engineering, specs & selections, etc. Our team will facilitate the collection and review of these documents in preparation for building a budget.

Price Request

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We manage the price requests process by making sure all items are memorialized properly so everyone knows exactly what is being priced. (Model, color, location, etc.) This includes any drawings or location documentation that may be needed to properly execute.

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When estimating your plans, we document our methodologies along with color-coded layouts and cut sheet so there's no questions from your field team when building the home. We also provide you this information in an importable format for your PO/Accounting system.

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Change Order Processing 

We manage this process in a way that not only manages the documentation but also the communication. Who needs to know what and when? Sometimes even making the smallest change, can impact so many other parts of the home. (PO’s, Take Offs, Construction Schedules etc.)


We prepare a bid package for you based on your construction documents. Then we send out to your preferred trades and suppliers. We track this progress until all bids are received.


Trade Contract Administration


We make sure that all your subcontractors and suppliers have the correct contract documentation up to date and current. (Contracts, Insurance, Etc.) Things like this can get overlooked, but when you need them, its nice to know they have been maintained.

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Bid Comparison Analysis

Once we receive your bids, we will validate and compile a bid comparison analysis so you can award the bids to the subcontractors of your choice.

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Design Center Management

We help manage the process when design selections change due to market trends, etc. Not only for making new selections, but also managing the changes to already made selections for in progress homes.

Budget Assembly.PNG

Budget Assembly

Our budgets are assembled in a way that is easy to read and understand when analyzing. This is important for several reasons, but the main one is you can easily see that all cost are accounted for and there are no missing budgets.


Rebate Administration

For production builders there can be several rebate programs available. However, if the rebate submissions are not submitted timely, you can forfeit these monies. We can manage this process for you to maximize your rebate returns.


PO Generation 

If you have a purchase order system, our budgets will be formatted and structured for a clean import into your software so you can generate Purchase Orders.


Variance PO Administration 

Having a good budget is only half the battle. You need a good variance PO process in order to achieve complete cost control. We can facilitate an efficient system to request, approve and issue your Variance PO’s

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